Best photoshop online editor android [2021]

Best online photo editing website and you can edit psd file online , remove background online and more..
best online photo editing website


  • Introduction
  • About Photoshop
  • About Photopea
  • Online psd editor
  • Photopea tutorial
  • Photopea apk
  • conclusion


We know that, Photoshop is a best and professional editing application software. But it is a computer software , the complete function of it can't use through mobile . Normaly most of us use Picsart, Snapseed , Lightroom.. etc. for editing in android .But here not've more features. PSD ,PDF exporting , mockup file..etc are not support in those apps.There is another editor to solve such problems. It is called photopea.

About Photopea

Photopea is an online editor. It does all the things that Photoshop can do.It has a similar interface to photoshop. Likewise in this we can do all the things that can be done through photoshop using our mobile. We can go to the photopea website and edit it using browsers like chrome, opera, firefox etc.
This will help you to remove background online , resize image , create photo frame..etc. 
Even if you have Photoshop's Android app ps touch apk, it is not the same as photoshop. There are also many apps available on the internet called photoshop mod which do not provide the features of photopea.You can also edit the psd file online via photopea. The best merit of this is, It can be used to some extent without internet.

Photopea tutorial

  • Go to photopea website click here
  • click on file (top left)
  • choose new
  • select canvas size
  • start editing

Download Photopea apk